Brand Ambassadors
by Choice

Compass was built with belief by a respected group of Industry Influencers who hold that an optimal quality of life for all people is at the core of everything we do; that includes how we take care of and invest in our employees.

WHY Compass?

We go beyond the expected to deliver the extraordinary.

We have built an opportunistic investment organization of exceptional talent who collaborate and produce attractive risk-adjusted returns.

Staff members have a voice, set the tone, drive our strategy and turn our unconventional and cutting-edge vision into reality. We encourage independent thinking and reward initiative while providing support, motivation, and mentorship to feed the passion within our organization to allow each member to be the best version of themselves.

Work/Life Balance

We understand that today’s workplace is no longer confined to a brick and mortar office building in a single location, and we believe our associates can help build the Compass brand from locations around Southern California. Our organization relies on a collaborative model which we support by utilizing the latest technologies for regular communication among our network of satellite offices.


Compass fosters an environment of collaboration and transparency, one that supports and respects an individual’s talents and contributions, allowing people the opportunity to thrive. Our collegial atmosphere and multiple channels for open communication is designed to inspire excellence, creating successful professionals and success for Compass.


Compass is a purpose-filled firm. We encourage our associates to be active participants in our industry and in the community. Compass adopts responsible approaches to managing our business while addressing the urgent needs within our community.

We endeavor to not just give back but to be a change agent leading positive disruption to demand attention, and solutions, for homelessness, domestic violence, and the future coalition of today’s youth.

Work With Us

Compass offers an opportunity for engaged individuals to work with a successful and professional team to achieve personal and organizational growth.