The Purpose Revolution

Socially-Responsible Vision for the Future

We believe businesses that are positioned to thrive are those that have embraced a socially-responsible vision for the future. People are no longer satisfied with companies providing good products, good prospects, and good profits—they want them to promote social good. Philanthropy and concern for socio-economic issues are in the fiber of the senior leaders at Compass. We engage on issues large and small and strive to be part of the solution in each community where we provide housing – giving of our time and our resources.

Compass is building on its core value, that with focused purpose we can deliver change – the Purpose Revolution.  We are developing programs with a dual purpose – solid business initiatives that achieve positive returns and societal change.

Compass Team Philanthropy

Compass team members are active and engaged members of their communities. As individuals they give of their time, talent and resources to a variety of non-profits. Collectively, the Compass executives and team members are focused on identifying organizations that are seeking innovative solutions and new strategies to support our homeless populations and develop new fundraising approaches – large and small.

The Purpose Revolution

Social Conscience Fund

Compass is in the process of developing a fund that will commit to ending homelessness. Upon disposition of an asset, a percentage of the profits will be contributed to an organization in the community where the property is located, that aids the fight against homelessness.